Family: I have a very close-knit family. I have my mother, Kim, and two sisters, Silver & Amber. I’m the middle child, but I am equally close to my older sister as I am to my youngest. Although, I definitely get into more sister tiffs with Silver because we work together!

Animals: I had the misfortune of losing my sweet pit bull, Midnight, this year, but by chance, my mother contacted me about catching two pit bulls that were loose on a man’s property. He was threatening to shoot them if someone didn’t remove them. A rescue was organized and they were brought here. We cared for them here since March 2015. One of the two, Mia, tested positive for heartworms. Worried she may not be adopted, I decided to adopt her and pay for her treatment. Now, she’s my sidekick and comes in to work with me every day. It’s a true love story. I like to call myself the “Pitt Bull Guru”.


Family: I have my endearing mother, Lynette, my two “nerdy” older brothers, Brandon and Jordan, my loving father, Rusty, my two stubborn older sisters, Kayla and Samantha, five involved and caring grandparents, Dr. Donald Perrere, Brenda, Barbara, Russel and Genell, and a philosophical brother-in-law, Jacob. Last but not least, my “mini boyfriend”, my nephew, Jacob. I’m truly blessed to have them all in my life and I am thankful for all of them every day.

Animals: In the past, I have had golden retrievers, rabbits, mice, cats, etc. and fosters sporadically. Now, I’m down to my latest rescue, a feral kitten, Tilly who cuddles up with me each night!


Jen began her association with SSVH in October 2015. She was born and raised in Michigan and received a zoology degree from Michigan State University. She has been working with animals and people for over five years and has fulfilled a life goal by doing so. She moved to Baton Rouge in June 2012. She lives in Mid-city with her boyfriend, two cats (pictured: Jessie), a ball python and a feisty parrotlette. In her spare time, Jen enjoys reading, traveling, cooking, homebrewing beer and playing/listening to music. Jen loves living in the South and does not miss the cold winters one bit!


Silver has been with SSVH since March 2013. She was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. She got her love for animals from her mother as a young child. She spends her spare time with her sweet son and family.


Erica has been working at Shenandoah South Veterinary Hospital since May 2009. She is from New Orleans and has been living in Baton Rouge since 2004. She has two sweet gray tabby cats and a cute, laid back Jack Russell Terrier. In her spare time she enjoys reading, riding her bike, watching movies and going to the dog park.